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Copy U-BOAT Classico 45 TITANIUM TUNGSTEN SKELETON 8021 watch Review
Дата: 29.10.2019, 10:10

U-shaped cabin cover, oil immersion

“From the pure time reporter to the future, this is the core of the new CAPSOIL model.” From this sentence, the founder and designer of replica U-BOAT, Italo Fontana, presented his latest work.[www.cheapsalewatch.com]

CAPSOIL offers chronograph and solo speed versions, and its electromechanical device is completely immersed in the oil bath, completely changing the concept of U-BOAT creation while retaining the brand's powerful exclusive personality. “CAPSOIL goes beyond the boundaries of traditional design and combines innovative features with retro-style lines to prove it is one of the world's watch markets.” Italo continues to describe this innovative model with enthusiasm.

The oily liquid around the dial transforms it into an absolutely black color, giving it a three-dimensional feel and depth. This liquid creates compensating bubbles that move constantly and provides a surprisingly magnified view that, like no glass, seems to float freely.

The 45 mm diameter case, in two steel versions, is treated with black DLC and blended with the highest quality convex sapphire, resulting in a beige sphere and a pointer treated with a super-luminous case. The back cover is screwed and equipped with smoked mineral glass to ensure a seal at 10 ATM pressure. In the end, the replica swiss watches is equipped with a leather strap made of innovative Florentine lining, hand-crafted by Florentine artisans.[www.fashionwatchtime.com]

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